What's Tandrago?


Starting with a question....
What can we do to raise the population of Tango?
Doing the Milonga (a Tango Dance Party)?
......Everyone does that already.

What do we need?
What is the "Mojo" to attract people toward Tango?

It is surely some attractive Tango Instructors.
There are many superb dance artist in the world.
But they are not really "correct" for this motive. 

What we need is a "friendly gate" that welcomes "strange travelers" in to the "Palace" of Tango.
The Tango Artist is the "Palace" that confirms the dignity and power of Tango.

Then what is the "friendly gate"?

It is surely "charming instructors"...
....who has decent technique of Tango di Salon.
....who has great communication method.
....who has appealing stage skills.

TANDRAGO is a word contracted uniting 2 words.
Tango and Drago (Dragon).
Our sign of dragon is the symbol of Asian spirit (as for Tandrago was created in Japan) and the dignity of Tango.
TANDRAGO creates fine "time and space" of Tango but it is really a state of "Brand" that stands for beauty and high quality of Tango culture.

2o15 is the first edition of Tandrago Festival welcoming Tangueros from all over the world.  There will be Milonga, Work Shops, there will be also Show Case, but Tandrago promises you "time and space" of Tango that you could ever seen....

TANDRAGO project is powered by Google.
tandrago.com is Google Apps for Works.
We testify that Google can unite the love of dancers.

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