Tandrago Festival

Tandrago Festival is a series of Tango events that will be hold from August to October, 2015.   The host country of the year 2015 is JAPAN.
In this Tandrago period, we have so many attractive events.

Tandrago Festival
Tandrago Event #1
  El Salon de Tandrago.

  •    El Salon Tokyo: August 6th, Thursday
  •    El Salon Osaka: August 8th Saturday
<The Event Attraction of El Salon de Tandrago>
  •   Milonga
  •   Tango Contest "Tango Idol!"
  •   Tango Fusion "Mission Impossible"
  •   Arabic Latin Dance Show Time

Tandrago Event #2
  Tandrago Academy

Tandrago Event #3
   Tango Global Cloud Contest "L'Ali Dorate"

Tandrago Event #4
   La Vacanza Tangando
   Oct 29~Nov 2nd
   Tango Tour

<The Tour Contents of La Vacanza Tangando>
  • Milonga
  • El Gran Salon de Tandrago
  • Tandrago Academy
  • Free time to enjoy sight seeing in Kansai area.
  • Geisha Dinner

Tandrago Event #5
   El Grand Salon de Tandrago
   October 31st Osaka

<The Event Attraction of El Grand Salon de Tandrago>
  • Milonga
  • Tango Contest "Tango Idol!" Final
  • Tango Contest "L'Ali D'orate" Final
  • MJ Tango "Smooth Criminal"

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