Tango Contest "L'Ali Dorate"

L'Ali Dorate is a Tango Competition, in which you win 2 weeks of working holiday as a Tango instructor and artist in Japan, August 2016.

Be a Tango Idol in Japan

The International Tango Contest
L'Ali Dorate

Is Intended to.....
Give job opportunities for remarkable Tango Couples and realize the exchange of Tango Technique cross nations.

Candidates should be
both over 20 years old, non Japanese, non Argentino and not resident in Japan from 2013-2015, and also the candidates should be Google users.

The Competition
Stage #1.  Movie On-Line Competition.
  You will send 3 movies by August 10th.  Tandrago office will broadcast that in our Tandrago Channel.  The Tango nations from all over the world will vote by "Thumb Up/Down" the more you get "Thumb Up" you have more chance to win this competition.
<The Movies>
1.  The Couple at Practic
2.  The Couple Dance in the Improvisacion
3.  The Couple ... in the lesson, shopping, having a great time with your fans....

the result of the Stage #1 will be presented by September 25th and announced on Tandrago Channel Movie  on September 27th.
The upper 5 couples that have more than 300 votes will have chance to compete in the Stage #2 in Japan.

Stage #2  Competition on Stage
 You will travel to Japan and you will present your show case at the grand dance floor of "El Gran Salon de Tandrago", the final milonga event of Tandrago Festival that will be hold on October 31st.  It will be the Audience Voting to decide the winner of this competition.

The Prise
The winner will be invited to 2 weeks of working holiday in Japan in August, 2016, with stipend of 500,000 JPY.  Flight and accommodation for the working holiday will be provided.  (Meal is not guaranteed)

The Investment
1) Entry Fee:
  The couple must pay 10,000JPY as entry fee through PayPal.
2) Flight and Accommodation Fee for Stage #2
  The couple must arrange your own flight, accommodation and meal to participate Stage #2 if your are chosen to be candidate of final stage.

Job Opportunities
1) Event Ticket Commission
  As it is a audience voting competition, it will always better for you to convince your students and fans to make a little trip to Japan and participate La Vacanza Tangando the Tandrago Tour Event that includes workshops and El Gran Salon de Tandrago, the milonga.  Tandrago is happy to share the income of your Ticket sales of Milonga "El Gran Salon de Tandrago"(Oct 31st) and pay you 20% of the Milonga ticket to you.  The ticket price of "El Gran Salon" will be 5,000JPY and that will make your commission to be 1,000JPY per a ticket.

2) Work Shop Income Share
 You will make some work shops in Japan on 29th and 30th of October, 2015.  There will be 2 class in each evening (4 classes in total).  How much students you get is also a part of the competition. (your "patrones" will not be able to take your lesson) But more over, we will pay 40% of the lesson fee income you make.  The students will pay 3,000JPY per a lesson.

3)  You are free to make extra work.
 Since you are not hired by Tandrago, you are free to arrange extra work during the stay in Japan as far as it doesn't effect Festival Schedules.  You can arrive any time before 29th and try to organize your own lesson tour to cover up some of your trip fee.

More Advantages
-  You will be already well promoted.
Tandrago Festival is currently the most focused Tango Festival in Japan now.  Since the stage #1 is the movie competition, you will be well promoted and well broadcast through the cyber scenes.  Even if you were not lucky enough to make it through the Stage #1, you might get a same kind of opportunity to work in Japan through different organizers.

Arranging your trip
Our official travel agent partner JTB WEST will be happy to assist you to participate any of Tandrago Event.  If you need any assistance in your trip, please let us know.  info@minelva.com  Office Minelva is the Executive Event Producing Office assigned as Head Quarter Producing Agent of Tandrago Festival.


1) Click here and fill in the on-line form.
2) wait till Tandrago office will send you A "Cloud Tandrago Folder", in which you drug your pic (dance action pic and portrait) and your dance movies.

Any infomation
Please Ask

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